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RACINE AND KENOSHA COUNTIES —The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has issued an Air Quality Advisory for PM2.5 and ozone.

The air quality advisory started at 6 a.m. Thursday and will expire at 6 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 21.

This advisory affects the entire state of Wisconsin.

Air Quality Index

Smoke originating from wildfires in Canada will move into the state from the northwest Thursday morning and travel south southeast throughout the day. The PM2.5 air quality index (AQI) is expected to range from the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (orange) level to the Unhealthy (red) level.

The Unhealthy (red) level is unhealthy for everyone. People with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should consider avoiding prolonged or heavy exertion and everyone else should consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion. The western portion of the state is expected to be hit with the bulk of unhealthy levels of PM2.5 on Friday.

Over the weekend, the ozone AQI is expected to range from the USG level to the Unhealthy (red) level due to favorable weather conditions alongside the presence of wildfire smoke. Most of the state will remain in the USG level, especially areas outside of the lake breeze. Areas impacted by the lake breeze will have a higher chance of moving into the Unhealthy (red) level.

Ozone concentrations are at their highest throughout the afternoon and early evening, before tapering off through the nighttime.


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