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CALEDONIA, Wis. — A comprehensive meeting of the Village of Caledonia Board is set to take place at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023, at Caledonia Village Hall. The agenda highlights a series of significant topics ranging from audit presentations to resolutions and new business items.

Meeting open and communications

Key communications and announcements will follow, including the presentation of the 2022 CLA Audit, a critical financial overview providing insights into the village’s fiscal stewardship.

Updates will also be provided by Laura Million with a Bi-Annual Update from RCEDC and Cari Grieving’s update on Visit Racine County Tourism. Both of these updates demonstrate the village’s commitment to economic development and promoting local attractions.

Approval of minutes and public comment

Next, the Board will approve the minutes from its previous meeting on Aug. 8, 2023, ensuring a continued transparent record of its proceedings.

A public comment period will provide citizens with a two-minute opportunity to express opinions to the Board. While the Board cannot respond during this segment due to open meeting requirements, it serves as an essential channel for community input.

Committee reports and legislative action

Committee reports from Finance and Legislative & Licensing will provide updates on various matters, including the approval of A/P checks and activities related to US Bank.

Significant legislative actions are scheduled under ordinances and resolutions, including:

  • Ordinance 2023–14: This ordinance aims to amend a section of the Code of Ordinances relating to restrictions on the issuance of liquor licenses, reflecting the village’s attention to regulatory compliance.
  • Resolution 2023–92: Authorization for the village to enter into a purchase agreement for a replacement fire engine from Pierce Manufacturing, Inc, underlining the village’s commitment to public safety.
  • Resolution 2023–93: Acceptance of a donation from Bear Paw Adventure Park / Jellystone to purchase an aerial drone, showcasing partnerships between the community and local businesses.
  • Resolution 2023–94: Awarding a contract for the 4 Mile Road Emergency Signal Project, a crucial step towards enhancing local infrastructure and safety.
  • Resolution 2023–95: Approval of the waiver of conflict of interest for Quarles & Brady LLP related to a development project, an essential legal and ethical consideration for the village.

Will Caledonia get its own zip code?

The new business segment includes an update on the ZIP code effort to recognize Caledonia, Wis., in applicable ZIP codes. This initiative demonstrates the village’s endeavor to establish its identity and facilitate location-based services.

Additionally, an appointment to the Board of Review will be considered, an essential aspect of the local government’s structure that ensures fair and impartial reviews of property assessments.

Village of Caledonia

The official agenda and additional details can be accessed at the Village of Caledonia’s website.

Source: Village of Caledonia Board Meeting Agenda.

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