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Pride Month
The Pride flag displayed at Racine City Hall (June 9, 2022) – Credit: Loren Lamoreaux

RACINE — The Finance and Personnel Committee is set to convene at 5:30 p.m. Monday, August 28 in City Hall, 730 Washington Avenue, in room 303.

On the docket are substantial proposals, including an $18 million borrowing initiative for long-term capital projects, a developer’s agreement for a critical water main extension on 90th St., and a grant application for state-of-the-art policing software.

Public participation is strongly encouraged as these decisions will reverberate throughout the community.

Highlights from the Finance and Personnel Committee Agenda

Chaired by Marcus West and Vice-Chaired by Maurice Horton, the Finance and Personnel Committee of the City of Racine will hold a pivotal meeting to make decisions that could shape the city’s financial and developmental landscape. Various alders, including Mary Land, Amanda Paffrath, and Terry McCarthy, are also set to participate.

Detailed Look into General Obligation Promissory Notes

Resolution 0857-23

In what promises to be a focal point of discussion, Alder Maurice Horton sponsors a resolution to authorize the sale and issuance of $18,045,000 in General Obligation Promissory Notes, backed by a robust staff recommendation.

close up photo of gray concrete road
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What’s the money for:

  • Long-term Capital Projects: $14,607,971
    • This funding will be likely targeted at large-scale infrastructure upgrades, including but not limited to road repairs, bridge maintenance, and public transit improvements.
  • Equipment Costs: $3,402,664
    • This amount will be allocated for specialized machinery, which could range from sanitation vehicles to IT hardware.

Deeper Dive into Purpose:

The agenda cites that the capital projects have been approved and budgeted for 2023 through this borrowing. It is anticipated that these projects will have a long-term impact on community development and city planning.

Developer’s Agreement for Water Main Extension

Resolution 0800-23

Photo credit: Becca Henderson

This proposal, sponsored by Alder Terry McCarthy, focuses on a developer’s agreement for the 90th St. Water Main Extension Project in Racine.

Financial Details:

  • Developer Pays: $1,300,000
    • This cost does not affect the city budget as the developer will finance the entire project.

Expanding on the Purpose:

The water main extension is part of a broader initiative to accommodate population growth and development. It will ensure reliable water supply to both residential and industrial areas around 90th St.

Property Transfer for Blight Elimination

Resolution 0787-23

Alder Marcus West is sponsoring a resolution to transfer property located at 1633 West Boulevard to the Community Development Authority (CDA).

Fiscal Breakdown:

  • Recording Fees: $30

Exploring the Rationale:

The city aims to combat blight and rejuvenate neighborhoods through redevelopment. Funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will facilitate the construction of a new home, potentially drawing more residents and businesses to the area.

Application for Policing Software Grant

Resolution 0859-23

Interim Police Chief Ramirez will discuss applying for a 2023 JAG grant, shared with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO). T

Fiscal Details:

  • Grant Total: $42,330
  • City’s Share: $21,165
  • No City Match Required

Understanding the Objective:

The purpose is to invest in Gray Key Software, aimed at enhancing investigative capabilities. This tool would enable the police to crack encrypted devices, providing crucial evidence in criminal cases.

Public participation is strongly encouraged, as these financial decisions will have a lasting impact on Racine’s community development and fiscal health.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.

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