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RACINE, KENOSHA — Residents and visitors in Racine and Kenosha counties are being warned about rip currents if they plan on swimming in Lake Michigan through Wednesday evening.

The National Weather Service issued a Beach Hazard Warning on Monday, Aug. 28 for Wind Point Lighthouse Beach in Racine and Simmons Island Beach in Kenosha that expires Wednesday evening.

NWS described “life-threatening” waves of four to six feet and onshore wind conditions for swimmers at beaches in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha.

“Life-threatening waves of four to six feet and dangerous currents are expected through Wednesday evening,” the warning reads. “Dangerous swimming conditions are expected due to high waves and onshore winds.”

Structural, long and rip currents possible

NWS also warns swimmers and anyone who ventures into the water to steer clear of piers and break walls because of strong structural and long currents. Rip currents are also possible.

A structural current occurs when waves break against the shore (or a pier) at an angle. The pull of the water then runs parallel with the shore or pier or break wall, creating a long current that has the potential to pull swimmers into deeper water.


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