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RACINE — A 28-year-old Racine man is facing close to 50 years in prison after being accused of serial thievery for allegedly taking thousands of dollars of merchandise from stores in Racine, Brookfield, and Gurnee, Illinois.

Jose Arellano-Rodriguez was charged Tuesday, Aug. 29, in Racine County Circuit Court with six felony counts of bail jumping, four misdemeanor counts each of retail theft under $500 and retail theft altering the price under $500, and one misdemeanor count of driving with a revoked license. If convicted, he faces up to 43 years in prison and/or up to $132,500 in fines.

Because Arellano-Rodriquez has misdemeanor convictions in the past five years, he could have up to two years added to his sentence for every count for which he is found guilty.

The criminal complaint: serial thievery from several stores

According to the criminal complaint, Arellano-Rodriquez was identified on store surveillance from Farm & Fleet, Walmart, and Kohl’s on dates beginning March 15, 2023, and ending Aug. 28 with his arrest in the Ulta Store next to Kohl’s. In total, he is accused of taking $666.01 worth of merchandise ranging from a 12-amp charger to cylinders of propane, packages of t-shirts and socks, and diapers.

Arellano-Rodriquez was identified after the theft from Farm & Fleet when Mount Pleasant police posted his photo on the department’s Facebook page. Other police and members of the public supplied his name, the complaint reads.

On at least four dates, Arellano-Rodriquez used the UPC codes from boxes of crayons for $.63 and affixed them to more expensive items, the complaint continues. He was arrested on Aug. 28 in Ulta after stealing $108.50 in smaller items from Kohl’s that he concealed in his pants.

According to the criminal complaint, Arellano-Rodriquez drove the same vehicle to each location. While he was apprehended, police found a large amount of cash in his pocket as well as an anti-theft tag removal device. Arellano-Rodriquez told police he had an addiction.

In addition to his case in Racine, Arellano-Rodriquez is accused of stealing $450, $998, and $730 from Kohl’s stores in Gurnee, Illinois, Oak Creek, and Brookfield, respectively.

Arellano-Rodriquez was assigned a $400 cash bond as well as a $2,000 signature bond and placed on house arrest. He will next be in court on Sept. 13 for his preliminary hearing.

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