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Racine Roundup

The Racine Roundup aired on TMJ4 during the 4 O’Clock news on Thursday, Aug. 31.

This week’s segment was brought to viewers by Ryan Jenkins and Carol Meekins along with editor Loren Lamoreaux from the Racine County Eye.

This week, the segment narrows in on The Golden Rule Peace Boat, a new book vending machine installed at a local school, and the remarkable story of Gary Krause saving his friend John Sickler from choking.

The Golden Rule Peace Boat

The segment started with Jenkins announcing the arrival of The Golden Rule Peace Boat that will take place on Sept. 5-6.

Lamoreaux shared with viewers the history about the 30-foot sailboat and how its creation was to help stop nuclear weapons tests in the Pacific Ocean’s Marshall Islands.

The public is invited to climb aboard and learn more about the boat and its mission while the boat is stopped in Racine.

Read our article to learn more about the details of the event.

New book vending machine at Jefferson Lighthouse

The segment continued with Meekins asking Lamoreaux about a new tool that will help Jefferson Lighthouse students get excited about literacy.

The Inchy’s Bookworm Vending Machine is made specifically for promoting positive behavior, equity and social-emotional learning in schools.

The vending machine was a gift from the school’s PTA. Books will be rewarded to students throughout the year and help students grow their own personal libraries.

Nurse saves fellow nurse from choking

The Racine Roundup’s last story focused in on the heartwarming and very important story of Gary Krause and John Sickler.

Krause saved John this past week when he choked while at the Racine Zoo.

Both of the men are registered nurses and have chosen to share their story with the goal to educate others about choking and the importance of remaining calm during this type of incident.

Special shout-out to Miriam

Just when the segment was coming to a close, the team made a special nod to Loren’s daughter, Miriam.

The Racine Roundup ended with a very special shout-out to Miriam Lamoreaux. Today she is celebrating her 18th birthday.

The team at TMJ4 and the Racine County Eye wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Loren Lamoreaux poses with daughter, Miriam, on her graduation day from Bradford High School in Kenosha on June 3, 2023. – Credit: Lamoreaux family

About the segment

Each week a Racine County Eye staff member will share in-depth information on select stories from the week in our collaboration we call the Racine Roundup.

These stories have been curated to highlight what’s happening throughout Racine County, and sometimes Kenosha County as well. The Racine Roundup will focus on providing solution-based journalism to viewers in Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee Counties and more, reaching a larger audience throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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