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RACINE — The National Weather Service has issued a Beach Hazards Statement for Racine County.

According to NWS, life-threatening waves of three to four feet and dangerous currents are expected all day. The Hazards Statement began at 1 a.m. Thursday and will be in effect until 7 p.m.

Beach Hazards

Beaches included in the Beach Hazards Statement that will be most susceptible to the dangerous swimming conditions include:

Racine North Beach other beaches map
Screenshot of the City of Racine’s Interactive Beach Map – Credit:
  • Shoop Park Beach
  • Parkway Beach in Racine
  • North Beach in Racine
  • Wind Point Lighthouse Beach

For daily water conditions at Racine beaches, please check the City of Racine’s website, where the interactive beach map is also available.

Be prepared

Dangerous swimming conditions are expected due to high waves and onshore winds. Therefore, swimming should be avoided.

In addition to staying out of the water, stay away from dangerous areas like piers and breakwalls.

NWS reports strong structural and longshore currents are expected. Rip currents are possible.


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