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UNION GROVE — Local business Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies is proof that old dogs can learn new tricks.

After faithfully serving the Union Grove area for 12 years, they rebranded in January 2023 to offer the community a pet supply store, in addition to providing grooming services. 

Owner and operator Tammy Foldy is not just a business owner in Union Grove, she and her husband, Mike, and their three pups also live in the community. They have two Border Terriers named Bella and Reagan. One is 11 years old, the other is 12. Additionally, they have an 8-month-old Golden Retriever named Nelly.

“She’s my right-hand girl. She goes everywhere with me. She comes to the shop all day,” says Tammy about Nelly.

Experienced groomer adds new service: Supplies

Foldy has been grooming dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds since she was 16 years old.

“I’m not just giving them a haircut. I’m taking care of them and I just feel like people are welcoming me into their families,” says Tammy.

Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
Mike and Tammy Foldy and their beautiful puppy, Nelly. – Credit: Top Paws

With 34 years in the industry, Tammy’s goal is to reach more pet owners through the sale of pet food, treats, toys, CBD products, dog bakery items, accessories, and more.

“It’s just been strictly a grooming shop. Pretty much this whole time that we’ve been here. My clients (are) booked out for the year,” explains Foldy.

Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
A window at Top Paws explains it all. “Love is… Wet noses, slobbery kisses and a wagging tail.” – Credit: Top Paws

The expansion of the shop comes with the hopes of serving more people and their furry friends.

Customers first mentality

“We’re set apart from the others. Number one, because we are not driven by quantity,” explains the owner. “We are a quality over quantity shop.”

As a small business owner, the focus is on people and their pets. Whether that means spending extra time giving a pet a fresh hairdo or finding a product that helps someone’s animal live a better life, that’s what Foldy is committed to.

“My prices are cheaper than everywhere because I just, I can’t charge you something that I wouldn’t pay for myself,” explains Tammy.

She offers a price match guarantee too.

At the store, Tammy carries products that are driven by the community’s requests.

“Everything we have is what people have been asking for,” explains Foldy.

Brands like Fromms, American Naturals, Zignature, New Buffalo, Purina Pro Plan, Diamond, Whole Earth Farms, a new brand called Pure Vita, and others are carried at the supply store.

Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
Shelves are stocked and ready to serve Union Grove pet owners at Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies. – Credit: Top Paws
Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
Homemade bakery items for your pooch can be found at Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies. – Credit: Top Paws

Treatables are the go-to CBD product at the shop and homemade bakery items are always a pet’s preferred snack.

“If we don’t have something already that you want us to carry, let us know. You know we’ll be more than happy to order it and get it in for you,” states the owner.

Building a positive place for pets

To Tammy, owning her shop is more than just a job. It’s her passion.

“I’m not just a groomer,” says Tammy. “I enjoy just providing the service, you know, taking care of their pets. I’m making them feel good and look good.”

Tammy explains that her role in connecting with pets is vital. She’s often a key player in identifying any physical ailments and assisting pets to live lives full of wellness.

Offering pet supplies has helped to expand the store’s reach of creating a community of healthier and happier pets.

Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
Tops Paws has always offered stellar grooming services. Now, pet owners can find supplies for Fido as well. – Credit: Top Paws

They will soon be rolling out a loyalty rewards program to further connect customers to Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies.

“It’s just a way to say thank you. Thank you for supporting us because we couldn’t do this without you,” shares the owner.

Connect with Top Paws

Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies
A pooch sticks his tongue out during a bath At Top Paws Grooming and Pet Supplies. – Credit: Top Paws

To become part of the Top Paws pack, visit their store at 1033 Main St. in Union Grove. Updates and additional information can be found on the Top Paws Grooming & Pet Supplies Facebook page.

Contact the store by emailing or calling 262-878-9393.

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