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UNION GROVE, Wis. — The upcoming board meeting for the Village of Union Grove is set to discuss two key issues among other items: the Phase 2B final plat for the Canopy Hill subdivision and the 2023 Forest Management Plan for the same area.

The meeting will take place at the Union Grove Municipal Center, located at 925 15th Ave., on Monday, Sept. 11, 2023, at 6 p.m.

Canopy Hill subdivision Phase 2B

Daniel Szczap of Bear Development LLC is the applicant for the final plat of Phase 2B in the Canopy Hill subdivision. This project has moved beyond the initial stages, with discussions and recommendations already having occurred in previous Plan Commission meetings. For taxpayers, the completion of this subdivision could potentially increase property values in the surrounding area, although it may also influence property tax rates.

Canopy Hill Forest Management Plan

An accompanying issue to be discussed is the Forest Management Plan for Canopy Hill. The board will review the staff recommendations dated Sept. 8, 2023. While the plan aims to ensure sustainable management of the forested area in the subdivision, there’s no explicit financial impact on taxpayers mentioned at this time. However, the management of green spaces often indirectly affects community valuation and, by extension, property taxes.

Other Union Grove matters

The meeting will also go into closed session to discuss updates on the 5 Bugle Contract and a potential fire house referendum, as well as the Dunham Grove Letter of Credit. Following this, the board will return to an open session to resolve any items discussed in the closed session.

For those interested in speaking at the meeting, comments from pre-registered citizens are allowed, with a three-minute limit imposed.

This meeting offers an opportunity for Union Grove residents to stay informed and provide input on community issues that directly affect them.

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