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RACINE — The Racine County Eye requests your presence at the local news organization’s 10th-anniversary bash on Sept. 16 in Downtown Racine.

The online news organization started on Oct. 31, 2013, as a way to bring local, informative and solutions-based journalism to Southeastern Wisconsin.

To celebrate the achievements of our local news organization and to root yourself in journalism that serves our diverse community, attend this bash.

Party in Downtown Racine

The celebration will kick off at noon at the Racine County Eye’s office courtyard, located at 410 Main St. in Downtown Racine.

Our event will conclude at 3 p.m., although the party in Downtown Racine will continue throughout the night, as our bash takes place on the same day as Party on the Pavement.

Racine County Eye stories, swag and more

At the 10th anniversary bash, connect with local journalists and supporters. Read and learn about the ongoing impact that local news has on the Racine County community.

Look back on the past 10 years and get ready to launch into the next decade of storytelling.

We will provide cupcakes, swag, a good time and more.

Stop by and get the chance to meet and hang out with Denise, Loren, Emma, Paul, Dee, Heather, Abby, Dan and others who make the Racine County Eye what it is today.

Our team looks forward to seeing you there.


Planning to attend? Any and everyone is welcome. An RSVP is not required but we would love to get an idea of who is planning on attending.

If you choose to RSVP, please do so online on Facebook. View the event page and let us know if you are coming.

Support our organization

Racine County Eye 2023 Community News Fundraiser

Your tax-deductible donation to the Racine County Eye—2023 Local News Fund will enable us to continue the work that has allowed us to grow to what it is today after 10 years of faithfully serving Racine County, Kenosha County and Southeast Wisconsin.

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