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Despite the rapid development of different banking methods, credit cards remain the top payment solution for millions of users. Amex is a widely used system since it provides excellent customer service and multiple benefits. Of course, the security issue remains the main priority for users. Regular visitors to the casino sites that take Amex payments are among those caring about privacy the most: we all know some casinos are fraudulent, so it’s essential to pick the most reliable platform. However, it’s often not enough, so players search for additional protection methods. And we’ve gathered some crucial tips that might come in handy, so stay tuned.

Precautionary measures when using Amex at online casinos

How to keep your Amex card safe when depositing at online casinos

American Express is known for being a secure payment method. Still, despite this, as well as the legal status of gambling in the US (at least, in some of its states) it is not the reason to use your Amex card gullibly, especially if you are an online casino player. Below, you will find some advice on how to protect your American Express card in this case.

1. Use a credit card instead of a debit card

It might be surprising, but credit cards usually provide better protection. Therefore, Amex online casino members should consider this option for real money gambling. Credit cards offer additional fraud liability protection so that players can enjoy a safer environment. Of course, checking the gaming establishment itself is critical to ensure it implements appropriate security mechanisms like SSL encryption protocols.

2. Have a separate card for online transactions

Unfortunately, sometimes, multiple layers of security do not guarantee 100% protection. Clever hackers find ways to hack even the most advanced mechanisms. That is why it is recommended to diversify your budget by storing money on different Amex credit cards or electronic wallets. A separate card for gaming platforms and online shopping is a good idea. In such an instance, you will be confident your other accounts are entirely safe – as you never use them on the Internet.

3. Limit the amount of money you keep on your card

Decreasing your American Express credit card limits is another way to minimize the possibility of fraud. Modern online casinos allow low deposits, so it’s enough to have a couple of bucks to gamble for real cash. So, leave some money in your account to replenish the gaming balance: in case the funds are stolen, you’ll lose an insignificant amount. Of course, it would also be unpleasant. However, it’s much better than losing everything you have.

4. Create unique passwords

This advice is as old as time, but it still works. Experts recommend using at least 16 different characters to protect your Amex account properly. Hackers would rather target a card with a weak password, so pay special attention to this point. Catch some tips on creating a secure password:

  • Use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other symbols
  • Try not to use frequently met dictionary words
  • Don’t include your name & birthdate, as it’s too simple to guess
  • Use a random sentence instead of single words
  • Don’t use the same password for numerous sources

Being inventive with the password is one of the critical steps to protecting your Amex credit card details when playing in online casinos. Don’t forget to change it from time to time to increase the security level. Moreover, gambling is usually considered safer due to the availability of two-factor authentication, so don’t forget to allow this feature in your device’s settings.

5. Download all updates in time

They send it for a reason: many developers regularly improve security mechanisms for smoother operation. This applies to both the apps you use and the operating system. Don’t ignore the alert, and update everything to the latest version as soon as possible. Such a simple action may protect your personal and banking details in a critical moment, and you won’t even know that.

Final insight

Cybersecurity is one of the key challenges modern users face, so observing safety rules for American online casino visitors is paramount. Of course, you can always rely on data protection mechanisms, but increasing your personal safety when using an Amex card wouldn’t be superfluous. Use the above tips in online casinos and minimize risks when enjoying your favorite games.

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