Racine police say three people from Pennsylvania were arrested Friday at Furniture Warehouse on Washington Avenue after they tried to get away with a black money scam.

RAPD Lt. Al Days said in a written release that police received a tip that a scam was planned Friday morning at the furniture store, 1610 Washington Avenue. Officers arrived at the scene and waited for subjects to arrive. When they did, police watched as they entered the store and proceeded to run the scam.

According to various reports found online, a black money scam typically involves a subject befriending a victim, and eventually asking that person to help the subject’s relative who has recently arrived in the U.S. to clean a large sum of money disguised with black ink. The victim is told they need to give the scammer the money to buy special chemicals that will remove the ink and are promised a percentage of the cash.

There is never any cash except for a few bills meant to “prove” that washing the cash works, and the victims are asked for increasing amounts of money until the scammers just disappear.

Three individuals – ages 21, 26, 32 – were taken into custody and admitted during questioning that they were running a black money scam. All three are facing felony uttering and theft by fraud. One of the suspects is also facing a resistance charge.


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