For those who saw the fireworks, or those who didn’t,  we have a treat for you.  Here is the 4th Fest Fireworks in its entirety.  But, you have an interesting option for you to try out.  This recording was made in 4k Ultra-High-Definition and can be played back that way as well.  Just locate the “Gear” setting in the lower right hand corner of the YouTube window and click on “Quality.”  There you can select the quality you wish to view it at.  The 4k version is set by selecting “2160p.”  If your Internet is running slow then merely select a less quality version and all will be well again.

To get it started just click on the “triangle” Play button.  OHHHH, and please click the FullScreen button to see it properly as well.  That button is 2 buttons over to the right of the “gear” button.

We hope you enjoy it.

Rees Roberts