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It’s National Pet Day! In your house, you may consider your pet as a member of the family. You know that if you have a fluffy, furry, scaly or another type of friend, there isn’t a day that goes by where you don’t celebrate them. However, on National Pet Day, why not show them a bit of extra love?

Continue reading for 5 ways that you can celebrate your pet.

1. Outdoor Dining With Your Pet

Take Fido or Garfield out to eat! While you may not want them to actually eat your dinner, bring them along for the atmosphere and ambiance on National Pet Day.

Dog friendly

2. Hike with Your Pet

We most often think about bringing our dogs along for a walk. Did you know cats can come along too? Whether they walk at your side or if you carry them in a backpack, hiking with your favorite pets can be a great way to celebrate.

Pet Friendly

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3. Adopt A Pet

The Wisconsin Humane Society features a pet of the week on the Racine County Eye. It is a great way to see animal availability at the local shelter. What better way to celebrate National Pet Day than to get a new pet?


4. License Your Pet

The best way to show your pet the love they deserve is to care for them. In addition to getting their vaccines and staying up to date on their medications, make sure you license your pet.


5. Visit the Dog Park

Pups have been cooped up all winter long. Now that spring is here, it is time to let them run. Check out these 7 dog parks in Racine County. Nothing says celebrating National Pet Day like a good romp in a park!

Dog Parks

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