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When August rolls around, the Wisconsin State Fair kicks off. The Wisconsin State Fair is typically held in West Allis, Wisconsin. The drive isn’t too far from Racine, and is definitely worth the fun. The Fair we all know and love is more than just a fair.

The Wisconsin State Fair is about tradition and showcasing our pride as Wisconsinites. To protect fairgoers, vendors, staff, and Wisconsin, the fair is not taking place this year. While we are sad because we won’t be able to take a ride in the sky gliders, take a bite of a deep fried oreo, or see your favorite farm animals, we can still celebrate locally.

Locally you can still celebrate all the fun that goes with the fair. While COVID-19 causes cancellations, it doesn’t have to get you down. Enjoy these 5 safe ways to enjoy the Wisconsin State Fair.

1. Fair Food Drive Thru

The Wisconsin State Fair is hosting a Fair Food Drive Thru. This is the third week that this event is taking place. Make plans to attend the event this weekend or next. Don’t miss out on your chance to taste the treats!

It may not be the same, as the agriculture, art, and games, but at least it is something. However, now is your chance to drive throughout the famous and historical Milwaukee Mile Speedway. Now, that’s something you didn’t get to do before unless you were circling, looking for a parking spot.

Please enter through State Fair Park Gate 9. This is located at S. 76th Street & W. Pierce Street. The event admission is free. Expect to enjoy your food at home.

The vendors change weekly and due to the uniqueness of the event, it will take some time to make it through the 14 vendors. The vendors have about 50 food items to share with all drive thru fair goers.

Click here to view the times that the event is open and for a map of the event. Navigate here to find information about next weekend’s event.

2. Cream Puffs

A fair necessity is enjoying a cream puff the size of your head. Wisconsin farmers have perfected the cream. The cream makes the perfect whipped filling. Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly is making cream puffs in their bakery. Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel. You can stop by their location on Washington Avenue to pick up your favorite Wisconsin State Fair themed dessert.

They are premade and no end date is in sight yet. Grab your mask, then grab a pastry to go. Enjoy the cream puff from the comfort of your own home. What’s great about this option? You ditch the long lines, and get to indulge in the fair food.

If you are looking to whip up some of your own cream puffs, check out this recipe here.

3. Fair Competitions

Fair competition is the portion of the fair where we glorify the produce, art, and creations of Wisconsinites. Homegrown cucumbers turn into something pickled. Photos of Wisconsin winters become the face of photography at the fair. Quilters and crafters display their year long projects. Judges carefully critique and analyze the dedication and work of many Wisconsinites through this phase of the fair.

You can make your own fair competition at home. It might not be the same as walking through the pavilions, but this is a great way to get the whole family involved. You can have a cake baking competition, an apple pie bake off, and even a cranberry jam tasting. Click here to find more information about this part of the fair.

4. Cream Puff 5K

Max and Holly pose for a photo in the Cream Puff Pavilion with their to-go order.

After the fair, it may be the time to start a diet. You may have gained a little extra pooch in the beer belly area, but that’s alright, we know the fair is worth it.

This year the Wisconsin State Fair is hosting a Cream Puff 5K. After you pick up your cream puff from Malicki’s Piggly Wiggly or from the Fair Food Drive Thru, you can jog it off by participating in the Cream Puff 5K.

You can sign up online for the event by clicking here. You can run, walk, or roll from any part of Wisconsin that you’d like. Racine has some great spots like along the lakefront, or out in the county.

The event benefits the Wisconsin State Fair Park Foundation. You’ll receive a voucher for a 3 pack of cream puffs, a t-shirt, and a ticket to the 2021 Wisconsin State Fair. The foundation is a non-profit serves to help the youth development at the fairgrounds.

Click here to sign up for the race, and run in Racine!

5. Shop the Fair

Vendors, local artist, and craftsmen work hard to build a selection of work to show at the state fair. While we are safe at home, enjoy shopping the Wisconsin State Fair from the comfort of your couch. All you need is your credit card and this link here.

Scroll through the site and see if you can find any sellers from Racine. If you do, be sure to support the Racine area sellers. Everything from apparel to home goods is available by this link here. Shipping and delivery is arranged at check out, but one thing is for sure, you are remaining safe by participating this way.

Photos from the Fair

The Racine County Eye wants to know how you plan to kick off your fair fun. Comment down below how you plan to get a taste of the fair fun. Post photos of ways you are celebrating at home and tag the Racine County Eye on our RCE Facebook page.


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