One of the biggest factors to enjoying work is working in an exciting environment. Having a positive company culture goes a long way for motivation and happiness at work. More and more people are recognizing the importance of enjoying yourself and the others around you at work. If you have a job interview coming up or just started a new job, here are some traits to look for to identify a positive company culture.

6 Indications of a Positive Company Culture

1.      Long-term employees

The turnover within a company is very telling when determining workplace culture. Engaged and passionate employees that are offered opportunities, comfortability, and support are more likely to stay put at a job. This environment is one you’ll want to strive to be a part of.

2.      Future Employee Queue

If people are waiting in line to be a part of a company, you’ll know they’re doing it right. Of course, numerous applicants are going to be a norm, but think about a company that does workplace culture right—Google. People constantly talk about how well they do. Google has people constantly applying because people know about and want to be a part of that environment they’ve created.

3.      Friendships

Another aspect of a good company culture is the idea that coworkers are more than just colleagues—they’re friends too. When coworkers choose to spend time and communicate with each other—outside of work—you’ll know that the dynamic within the company is positive.

4.      Workplace Involvement

A good culture is going to have those within it participate in different activities to better them. A great company culture is going to try to find fun ways for employees to get together for personal and professional development activities. When people show up for volunteering on a Saturday because they want to, that’s when you know that the company works to promote a positive culture.

5.      Transparency

It is going to be incredibly important for the company you work for to have open communication—no secrets, no hidden agendas. This is necessary for the workplace even if you’re not searching for a positive workplace environment. New information should be communicated well in advance and not thrown in at the end of a meeting. Without this, there will be a culture of insecurity and uncertainty, rather than confidence and stability.

6.      Wide-Range Diversity

Diversity within the company is essential, and not just diversity in the people walking through the door. Diversity should expand into diversity in thought, approaches, and talents. Colleagues should be different than one another and bring something different to the table. If you see this diversity in action then you’ll know that the company cares about seeing all sides of a picture and will make work more enjoyable and open-minded.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.