When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s easy to get in the mindset that everything needs a remodel in the home. The kitchen is always a mess because the cupboards don’t give enough space. You’re too cramped in the bathroom because it’s not utilizing all of the space. Whatever it is, renovating and upgrading the home doesn’t have to be an expensive affairs. Here are some affordable bathroom upgrade ideas.

7 Ideas for an Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

1.      Start Small

Sometimes the only thing that needs to be done for your bathroom is cleaning up and fixing the little things. Update your soap holders, get some new plush towels. Think about a theme that you would like to have for your bathroom—simple, nautical, or spa-inspired, add the little things to make your bathroom more than just a bathroom.

2.      Paint Wooden Floors

If you have wooden floors in your bathroom, or wood anywhere in the bathroom, whether it be cabinet or the framing to a mirror, paint it! Sometimes the only thing you need to do is change up one aspect of your bathroom. If you decide to keep your hardwood floor (keep in mind that hardwood floor should not be your first choice for bathroom flooring) repainting it with a protective enamel is a low-cost way to upgrade your bathroom.

3.      Buy Used

Refurbishing existing materials is always one of the best options if you’re trying to keep things low-cost. However, if you need to purchase new items, remember that you don’t always need to buy something brand new. Shopping used can save you quite a bit of money on fixtures, mirrors, toilets, and tubs. Scour different sites that are full of used and updated items—Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, you could even hop on over to Habitat for Humanity.

4.      Refinish Your Tub

Total replacement of your tub should be the last option for you. Try relining or refinishing your tub instead. In refinishing rather than removing, you are saving yourself from the domino effect of renovating—when you move one thing, another thing has to move. If your tub isn’t in need of a full refinishing, you can touch up the nicks and gouges.

5.      New Paint

This is going to be a bit of time commitment, but if you’re looking to change up your bathroom aesthetic, try a brand-new paint job. Pick a color that you will enjoy and that will help you relax. Steer clear of wallpapers, because those can get grungy quickly. As you’re painting, take your time and use a lot of painter’s tape!

6.      Use Less Tile

If you’ve got the money for a bit of a bigger project and want to revamp your bathroom, tile is a wonderful option that you’ll see in a lot of bathrooms. However, try to limit your use of tile. Instead focus on those high-impact areas, like the base of the shower or the floor. You don’t have to tile everything in the bathroom, and if you buy more than you need—keep it! If you have a contractor coming in and doing your bathroom upgrade, make sure you ask them to give you any leftover tile, paint, or other items—they’re charging you for it anyway!

7.      Choose Shower Curtains

This is a small aspect, but can save you a lot of money. More and more people are wanting a nice glass door and walls for their shower. This can get really expensive and can be even more expensive for an updated and refreshed version. Instead, bring a pop of color and save loads of money with a shower curtain for your bathroom.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for Patch.com, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.