A 16-year-old Racine boy faces four criminal charges after two incidents in July. Roberto C. Ascencio was charged as an adult Friday in A 16-year-old Racine boy faces four felony counts of false imprisonment and theft along with misdemeanor counts of theft and disorderly conduct.

The felonies carry a total fine of $35,000 and 16 years in prison, while the misdemeanors carry a total fine of $11,000 and a year in county jail.
According to the criminal complaint:

A Racine police officer spoke to a woman July 12, who reported that her daughter’s cell phone had been stolen while she was working at the Subway on Lathrop Avenue. The girl stated she put her phone on the counter, Ascencio reportedly grabbed it walked out of the store.

A witness provided police with a similar account. The girl said she didn’t witness the theft, as she walked into a back room when Ascencio, her ex-boyfriend, walked into the store.

Five days later, police responded to Flett Avenue for a report of a fight. They spoke to the girl, who stated she had gotten into a loud argument with the defendant, who was upset with her because she wanted to leave with her friends and he tried to physically prevent her from leaving.

At one point, Ascencio allegedly called her a “bitch” and tried to pick her up while she was sitting on the ground. When the girl tried to climb over the fence, Ascensio pulled her away, which caused the fence to scrape her stomach. He then took her purse, which ripped the straps and left marks on her neck.

The girl’s mother told police the following day the purse belonged to her and was valued at about $300. The woman stated her debit card had been used for a total of $100 the night before. The card was returned to her mailbox that morning.

Ascencio is due back in court Thursday for a 9 a.m. preliminary hearing.

Rex Davenport

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