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Cristian Loga-Negru admitted Friday in court that he believes he is competent to stand trial in the murder of his wife, Roxana Abrudan.

Loga-Negru is accused of attacking and killing Abrudan in November with a hatchet as she exited a car at the home where she was staying in an attempt to flee her abusive marriage, the criminal complaint reads.

Both Loga-Negru and Abrudan are from Arlington Heights, IL.

Though Loga-Negru appeared without a lawyer at his competency hearing before Racine County Circuit Court Judge Eugene Gasiorkiewicz, the judge went forward with the proceeding based predominantly on Loga-Negru’s demeanor last week.

“I found your behavior and conduct to be appropriate last week and again today,” Gasiorkiewicz stated.

The judge asked Loga-Negru if he thought he was competent to stand trial, and he said he was.

“I have no challenge, judge,” Loga-Negru said. “I believe I am competent to stand trial.”

Dr. Robert Rawski, the psychiatrist who examined Loga-Negru, issued a written report declaring the defendant competent to stand trial and participate in his own defense.

Gasiorkiewicz cited Rawski’s report and Loga-Negru’s two law degrees – one from a Romanian school and one from John Marshall in Chicago – as support for his decision to go forward with the hearing despite Loga-Negru not having secured an attorney.

At his originally scheduled hearing, Loga-Negru said he was having difficulty connecting to individuals in Romania so he could have access to money to pay for a lawyer. The defendant thanked the judge for helping him get through and said he would have the funds Monday.

Loga-Negru’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Dec. 30, a date to which the parties agreed because Christmas is next week and so the defendant can retain a lawyer.

“This gives you more time to retain counsel, which is appropriate for you to do,” the judge said.

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