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School has started, the Packers’ new season kicks off and all is pretty right with the world except all this fall activity means Old Man Winter is just waiting in the wings to return to steal the show – and our breath.

And get this … the 2015 Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that the winter coming could be worse than the winter of 2013-2014, a story from The Associated Press reads.

Yes. Worse. Ugh.

“Shivery and shovelry are back. We’re calling for some frigid conditions, bitter conditions,” managing editor Sandi Duncan told the AP.

The almanac has been published annual for the last 198 years, and it has rarely been wrong. Heck, almanac writers beat out degree’d meteorologists with fancy computer modeling who thought temperatures would be above normal from November through January.

Not one of our better forecasts,” Mike Halpert, the Climate Prediction Center’s acting director, is quoted as saying.


Almanac writers use a super-secret method involving sunspots, planet location and lunar cycles to predict the weather, but they aren’t always 100 percent. California, for example, was drier than predicted though the almanac believes this year the state could get some relief.

Still, for us, the coming winter season means we’ll be bundling up in more layers and probably shoveling more often.

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