Alderperson Sandy Weidner in the 6th District has a challenger. Jennifer Adamski-Torres made her announcement official Thursday morning after creating a campaign Facebook page late last month.

Adamski-Torres is the manager of the Marketing and Sales Support Team at Interior Systems, Inc. in Milwaukee, and she said she is taking the step of running for the City Council because she loves Racine and feels like getting more deeply involved in the community can best be accomplished this way.

“I hear a lot of negative talk about Racine, and we do have our issues, but there is also so much good here, and I want to work fostering more of that positivity,” she said.

Adamski-Torres is not wearing rose-colored glasses, and she doesn’t have a romantic view of serving on the Common Council. In fact, she’s actually a little disillusioned with politics.

“I do not expect rainbows and unicorns,” she noted. “Quite frankly, I expect the exact opposite, but this is how I get involved.”

Sandy Weidner is the current 6th District representative. She said she is running for re-election and welcomes a race against Adamski-Torres.

“I’m not surprised that Jennifer is running, and I welcome her,” Weidner said. “It’s good that other people want to run, but this isn’t my seat. It belongs to the residents.”

Still, Weidner feels she’s the best woman for the job.

“I fill a seat no one else can fill because I’m not afraid to challenge on any issue,” she added. “It’s important to ask those questions and we don’t really have that on the Council right now.”

Adamski-Torres, of course, feels differently. She outlined five reasons she feels she’s the best choice for 6th District voters:

  • As a transplant to Racine who had to sell a home in tough circumstances, she understand the challenges facing homeowners.
  • She wants to fight the negativity so prevalent throughout the community by working on bringing businesses and professionals with their families so they can discover the great things about Racine like its diversity, generosity, and close-knit neighborhoods.
  • Transportation options are important for moving people to and from work so Adamski-Torres said she wants to explore what people really need. The Metra study approved Tuesday is a good start, but is not the end all.
  • As a marketing professional, she wants to create processes around ideas that better position the city.
  • Adamski-Torres said she often hears from neighbors that they want to get more involved but aren’t sure how, so she’d like to work on making those connections.

Like Weidner, Adamski-Torres says the 6th District seat isn’t hers because it belongs to the people, and listening to them and then following their direction is what she thinks public office is all about.

“It’s not about what I think is a good idea because it’s not about my platform, it’s about what the residents think is most important,” she stated.