You can now add listings to the Racine County Eye and Kenosha Lens website. You can add an event or a classified listing.

Another option, businesses can choose a blank listing and promote their businesses in special categories, including on-the-menu specials, and special offers pertaining to our gift guides like Mother’s Day, graduation, or Memorial Day tributes.

You could also use this form for birth or wedding announcements.

How we’re different

Over the next few weeks, we’ll launch the Wisco Spotlight: Lake Michigan Edition.

This digital magazine will feature a restuarant guide that will have restaurant specials and live music events featured by our advertisers. So you can either have your restaurant special featured, your Facebook posts or be part of the action with a featured page on the Wisco Spotlight.

Purchase a single listing for $30/per listing per month. A featured listing with top placement is $75/per listing per month.

Single-purchase listings expire 30 days after the date of publication.

Listing Details

Featured listings appear first in lists, directory pages and search results.

Purchase a monthly subscription for a listing that represents your business or organization for $50/month for unlimited listings. Or purchase a premium monthly subscription for a featured listing for $100/month.

Subscription listings remain live as long as the subscription is active.

Listing Details

A premium subscription upgrades your listing to "featured" status and lets you create up to 10 additional Marketplace or Event listings.

How to add a listing on Racine County Eye

1. Complete the checkout process.

Once done, a user account and a listing are generated to allow you to edit the listing in the WordPress block editor. You can view and manage your purchased listing(s) and subscription(s) via the WooCommerce My Account page (see image below).

Please note: The business listing can only pertain to the listed business.

WooCommerce Account page example

2. Complete the form for your listing

Through the WooCommerce Account page, you will be directed to complete the listing form. Simply fill in the blanks, check your work for errors, then submit the form.

PLEASE NOTE: Racine County Eye will only be editing listings for libel. Please run your copy through a spelling and grammar checker before you post anything.

3. Your part is done

Once you submit the form, we’ll make sure it gets posted in the appropriate section on the site.


Do you have an event to share? Now you can input your event on the Racine County Eye website for free with a few clicks. Head over to our Events page and click “Create an Event” in the purple box at the top. It’s easy to use and will help you spread the word in our communities. We also offer exclusive advertising opportunities to showcase your event. Email Denise Lockwood at for more information on how to promote your event or business.

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