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At the last Mt Pleasant Village Board meeting, President Jerry Garski created an Ad-hock Committee to come up with options for the Board to consider regarding Special Assessments for such things like sewer and water or other projects.  Obviously, the Highway V issue is front and center concerning their objections to how Mt. Pleasant had decided how to assess property owners on Highway V.   Today’s meeting was the first meeting to address not only the “V” issue but potentially all assessments going forward.

Gary Feest made the case that assessments need to be fair.  He spoke about the many hardships and the unfairness of the current way the Village is assessing property owners.

Yesterday, August 1, 2016, President Garski as well as two other trustees and staff were invited to interview a potential participant for the Ad-hock Committee for Assessments.  This was Attorney Alan Marcuvitz, who was described by Gary Feest to this reporter as being one of the most knowledgeable people on Municipality Assessments in Wisconsin.  Mr. Marcuvitz was asked to participate and did so at this meeting.  After listening to the committee participants during the hour and a half meeting, he indicated he would come up with some options for the committee to consider at the next scheduled meeting in two weeks.   John Hewitt said there needs to be a vision so a system of Assessments can be implemented not only today but decades from now.

After Don Schulz reminded the committee that a 90 day limit was in play regarding the ability of property owners to appeal their assessments to a court of law.  After discussion, it was decided to contact President Garski to ask him to place on the forthcoming Mt Pleasant Board meeting agenda, an action which would either delay, freeze or vacate the current assessment to the Highway V property owners.  This would give time to the Ad-hock Committee to come up with an alternative plan.

The above is only a short summary.  For full details, we invite you to listen to the entire recording.