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Michael Prudhom Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Michael Prudhom

Michael Prudhom, of Racine, once worked in the corporate world as an IT professional, but now he’s forming a chapter of a non-profit called

Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP), an organization that helps to build beds for children.

The problem Prudhom sees: Too many children are sleeping on the floor and not getting enough sleep because they don’t have a bed to sleep in. And he hopes to eliminate that problem with the help of SHP. The goal: To make sure every child in Racine and Kenosha has a bed to sleep in at night.

Based in Twin Falls, Idaho, Sleep in Heavenly Peace provides the training and resources needed for people wanting to help build the beds. The nonprofit operates several chapters across the United States. The Racine and Kenosha chapter would be the 14th.

“Sleeping on the floor is a problem that just rings with me,” he said. “From personal experience, I’ve seen how some in this town don’t have beds. People are not set financially, and in a number of domestic violence cases people are leaving their homes with nothing.”

But Prudhom never imagined he would be spearheading a new chapter, but he sees the need and hopes to raise $7,500 to buy tools, materials, and find some storage space and a place to build the beds. He is looking to start building the beds in June. Right now he’s reaching out to a number of social services agencies to get referrals.

“I like building things,” Prudhom said. “And I thought I could build a few beds. So I contacted this organization about what they did and now I’m much more involved. It’s a great format for doing builds. But I’m a computer geek who was offered early retirement. So I’m always looking for things to build.”

He hopes to build 10 to 25 bunk beds at a shot and he’s currently requesting sponsorships and volunteers to help with the project.

“According to the National Sleep Foundation’s web page, whether a child gets an adequate amount of sleep has a direct impact to their overall physical and mental development,” said Jordan Allen, chairman of SHP. “The site goes on to list all the health benefits tied to sleep and absolute necessity for a child to maintain good consistent sleep habits.”

Interested in making a donation? Send a check made out to Sleep In Heavenly Peace, in the memo add Mike Prudhom, and send it to Sleep In Heavenly Peace, P.O. Box 116 Kimberly ID 83341.

Want to learn more or make an in-kind donation, contact Michael Prudhom (262) 497-6488.

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.