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Over 60 properties changed hands the last week in December totaling about $14 million including Machinery Row, the Shamrock Restaurant, and Machinery Row, according to the Racine County Register of Deeds office.

FDP MR LLC deeded the former Machinery Row property at 1010 Water St. to the Redevelopment Authority (RDA) of the City of Racine last week. Initially, the RDA financed the Machinery Row project. But it has now acquired the property by being given the deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Other highlights in the property transfers include:

  • John Hribar, of Union Grove, bought almost 29 acres of property at 19801 Spring St., for $325,000.
  • NL Ventures IX Industrial LLC sold the building All Fasteners, 8625 Industrial Drive, occupies to Industrial Lease III Propco LLC for $3.4 million.
  • The former Shamrock restaurant, 7641 Highway 38, was sold to Hasan Salem, of Oak Creek.
  • Soren Ole Stauersbol bought a commercial property at 1301 Douglas Ave. for $60,000.
6809 Westlake Dr.$39,900.00
4809 Anker Rd.$158,500.00
7743 Hagemann Rd.$172,000.00
6712 Douglas Ave.$199,000.00
5500 Gallant Fox Ln.$220,000.00
3827 Scenic Way$290,000.00
7641 Hwy 38$350,000.00
515 Point Ridge Rd.$400,000.00
3621 5 Mile Rd.$476,900.00
8625 Industrial Dr.$3,446,416.00
City of Burlington
1565 Serena Ln.$42,000.00
Mount Pleasant
1435 Oakes Rd.$58,000.00
1065 Hastings Ct., Unit 101$128,000.00
1137 Bedford Ct., #202$160,000.00
5710 Braun Rd.$172,000.00
1913 N. Newman Rd.$175,000.00
3829 Lathrop Ave.$231,000.00
1840 Brandon Ln.$310,000.00
2401 Penbrook Dr.$335,000.00
2215 Airline Rd.$650,000.00
1831 S. Green Bay Rd.
21204 North Cape St.$152,500.00
7213 W. Wind Lake Rd.$300,000.00
1332 S. Memorial Dr.$18,400.00
1407 Harmony Dr.$32,200.00
1020 North St.$36,000.00
2400 Kearney Ave.$40,000.00
2010 Superior St.$44,000.00
4525 Byrd Ave.$57,500.00
1301 Douglas Ave.$60,000.00
1717 Connolly Ave.$69,000.00
1717 Connolly Ave.$69,000.00
3319 8th Ave.$70,000.00
1754 Villa St.$80,000.00
2159 Clarence Ave.$82,000.00
1915 La Salle St.$89,000.00
3416 15th St.$97,500.00
1336 Russet St.$99,000.00
2159 Clarence Ave.$111,304.00
2317 Gilson St.$129,000.00
633 Echo Ln.$143,100.00
3240 Wheelock Dr.$180,000.00
300 Augusta St.$260,000.00
1831 S. Green Bay Rd.$400,000.00
1926 Waukesha Rd.$239,900.00
207 South State St.$139,000.00
2768 Fox Grove Dr.$221,000.00
Town of Burlington
34800 Walburg Ln.$76,160.00
8405 Chara Dr.$125,000.00
30729 Belaire Dr.$204,500.00
Town of Waterford
7837 N. Tichigan Rd.$335,000.00
Union Grove
902 State St.$118,000.00
Village of Waterford
515 Aber Dr.$121,500.00
403 Braewood Dr.$208,000.00
905 Foxwalk Ct.$325,000.00
Wind Point
5001 Hunt Club Rd.$405,000.00
12135 Braun Rd.$73,600.00
19801 Spring St.$325,000.00
17333 2 Mile Rd.$350,000.00

Denise Lockwood has an extensive background in traditional and non-traditional media. She has written for, the Milwaukee Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine and the Kenosha News.