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Sturtevant police are urging residents to remove valuables from their cars and lock the doors even when vehicles are parked just outside the front door.

SPD Chief Sean Marschke told trustees Tuesday during the regularly scheduled board meeting that his officers answered 23 calls for theft, the majority of which involved items taken from unlocked vehicles.

“All of the thefts from vehicles had items stolen from unlocked vehicles,” he said.

Trustee Daryl Lynaugh asked if locked doors would be enough of a deterrent.

Marschke said these crimes are committed by suspects who aren’t interested in calling attention to their activities.

“Whoever is doing this doesn’t want the hassle of breaking windows,” he said. “Locked doors would definitely make a difference.”

Overall, Sturtevant officers recorded 732 calls in May, the vast majority of which were traffic calls and/or stops.

Marschke credits alert officers and grants received earlier this spring for intersection enforcement.

“Officers are patrolling the village and keeping an eye out,” he said. “We want people to slow down.”

The chief told trustees that he is considering an alert system using social media modeled on what Wisconsin State Patrol does for their aerial enforcement.

“We might start issuing warnings on social media to try and get people to slow down,” he said. “It’s something we’re considering.”