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Sturtevant Police

Nearly 400 pounds of prescription drugs are safely out of homes and not on the streets.

In just three months, area residents deposited almost 400 pounds of prescription drugs in the drop box inside the Sturtevant police station, and SPD Chief Sean Marschke said that’s good news because too many heroin addicts get their start by abusing prescription drugs.

“It’s great to get these drugs out of the hands of teens because abusing controlled substances often leads to heroin use,” Marchske said.

He told trustees Tuesday that officers last month took 380 pounds of prescription drugs to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

The amount isn’t a record, but it is one of the largest totals since the department first placed the drop box in the lobby a couple of years ago.

“The most we’ve ever had was 500 pounds, but anytime we can deliver quantities of controlled substances to the DEA is good because that means decreased amounts of drugs on the street,” Marschke said.