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To many people, Daniel Joglar, brings a smile to their face. This Kenosha resident is a delivery driver for Solider Delivery, an Amazon subcontractor. His work days often consist of driving from house to house, bringing packages to people’s doorsteps. However, on April 6, 2021, Joglar had an encounter at work that he could have never expected.

Joglar was recently presented the Award of Valor by Amazon for exceeding the expectations of his job and saving a life. He works in an often under-appreciated role, but his actions to save a sick man’s life cannot go without recognition.

An Amazon Story Worth Sharing

Joglar worked in a sorting center for Amazon before becoming a delivery driver. While running his route this spring, Joglar noticed a man sitting near a bus stop. This individual was slumped over and in need of help. While new to the delivery position, Joglar knew he couldn’t ignore what he saw.

When Joglar spotted the man in distress, he made a stop at a local Kwik Trip to get a Gatorade for the man. However, when Joglar made it to the scene, he noticed that the circumstances were much worse. This resulted in Joglar calling 911 and requesting an ambulance.

Joglar says, “he was hardly breathing at all and wasn’t waking up. I went into emergency mode. I called my boss after the paramedics took the guy away to let him know why I was stopped for so long. I’m still new to this job; I didn’t wanna get in trouble.”

Joglar had no idea that so much praise would come from a simple act of helping another person. However, Joglar stepped into action, called for help, and reported the incident resulting in saving a man’s life.

Pay it Forward

Joglar, along with working at Amazon runs a podcast called 262talks, which discusses local and national politics, says that he didn’t expect the praise or attention from the incident. He was doing what he knew was right.

Photo Credit: Solider Delivery

He says, “I do my best to always be a good person, who helps out people who are in need when I can. I really never expect any kind of thanks or reward. I hope that if even one more person helps out someone when they see a person in need, cause of the fact they saw this story, I’ll be extremely grateful.”

This example of being a true humanitarian earned Joglar the Award of Valor from Amazon.

Acts of Kindness

Joglar isn’t the only one spreading kindness in the community. Read about Officer Jake Ulickey’s story, where he pays it forward here.

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