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Katie asks: “We’re cleaning out our toy boxes in preparation for the holidays. It’s important to us to give back and pay it forward. Where can we donate our gently used toys to families in need?”

Thank you for your thoughtfulness! There are a few places in town that accept gently used toys. The most popular seems to be Tex Reynold’s Toys For Tots.
According to their website, if the toy is missing parts or the puzzle or game is missing pieces, that’s okay! Their volunteers go through everything to make them whole again and their workshop is extensive.

Here is a partial list of the type items that are needed at Toys for Tots:

  • Toys of all kinds, including baby toys
  • Bikes (no 27 or 28-inch please)
  • Tricycles, Big Wheels and other riding toys
  • Skate boards, Roller Skates and Blades
  • Wood, plastic and metal toys
  • Books – reading, coloring and educational
  • Electric and battery operated toys
  • Puzzles (up to 1,000 pieces)
  • Dolls, doll houses, doll clothes and accessories
  • Games of all kinds, for all age groupings
  • Stuffed animals

There’s a list of drop-off locations listed on their website.
You can also donate to local shelters, churches or outreach groups. When contacted, many directed me to Toys For Tots.