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Do you have a smartphone?  Are you on AT&T or Verizon?  Did you know that these carriers are modifying your web traffic data to identify and track your device?  This info is being sent to every website you visit.  Those websites can then build a list of where you have surfed to.  They say it is for advertising purposes but I can think of many other (not cool) ways of it being abused.  Are you concerned about this?  Well, I was.  Please see the following article which discusses this:

Verizon tracking your smartphone

Then read a similar article about AT&T from Forbes:

AT&T tracking your smartphone

You can test, to see for yourself, if this is being done to your Smartphone.  Make sure you are not using WiFi and then go to the following web site whether you are a AT&T or Verizon user.  Then merely look at the “Broadcast UID” line at the top of the page.  If you see any content on that line you are being tracked by your carrier by a unique identifier.  I don’t know about you but I don’t appreciate that this is being done without my knowledge or consent.  Again, if you test this while you are on Wifi you will not see any identifier info.

Here is that link:

Testing your Smartphone

You can opt-out at the Verizon customer opt-out web page:

Verizon opt out web page

I discovered an “Opt-out” for AT&T customers at the following link:

AT&T opt out web page

Additional information:

If you own a Mifi device, which creates a Wifi signal that can be shared with others I discovered that my Mifi device (on Verizon) was also tracked even though my Smartphone was an AT&T Smartphone.

What do you think about this?