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Aurora Medical Center in Burlington will be the first hospital in Burlington to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy for patients, the hospital reports. Two new hyperbaric chambers will open this month at the hospital and be used to help in the healing process for wound care patients, as well as patients who suffered smoke inhalation.

Sunitha Nair, MD

Sunitha Nair, a physician with special training in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and a focus on wound care, will oversee patients in the new treatment facilities, which is currently available at other Aurora Health Care facilities throughout Wisconsin, including Aurora Medical Center Kenosha and one of the largest chambers in the nation at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee.

“We’re thrilled to add hyperbaric medicine to our hospital in Burlington,” said Venkata Thota, chief medical officer for the Burlington and Walworth Patient Service Areas with Aurora Health Care. “We continue to make investments in our facilities and communities to keep care closer to home”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a growing area of wound care, designed to leverage the power of oxygen to treat wounds. Cells and tissues require oxygen to function properly, but certain conditions or injuries such as anemia, carbon monoxide poisoning, foot ulcers, and chronic bone infections can prevent the body from getting the required oxygen it needs to repair itself. The therapy increases the amount of oxygen in blood which promotes healing and aids in fighting infection.

Two chambers will be available to patients in Burlington, with treatment offered five days a week.

Two chambers will be available to patients in Burlington, with treatment offered five days a week. Each patient therapy treatment session is normally two hours, and most patients will require multiple treatments over a six-week period. While receiving treatment, patients can listen to music or watch movies; amenities designed to improve the overall patient experience.

“The addition of hyperbaric oxygen therapy builds on our leadership in the treatment method throughout Wisconsin,” said Laurie Gessell, MD, medical director of hyperbaric medicine for Aurora Health Care. “This new treatment option for residents of Burlington and the region will further expand our ability to help people live well.”

Rex Davenport

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