Opinion: Unaddressed Concerns

Questions are already being asked pertaining to the state of Wisconsin and Racine county’s plans to potentially build a juvenile correctional facility in our area. Of course, any mention of prison building agitates, as it should, many in the Black community. Also adding to those reservations is the fact that the first mention of the […]

Opinion: Nothing from Nothing Leaves…..

It is disappointing to witness our local and state elected officials turn a blind eye to the plight of Black people in Racine. Also, it appears that the local and national party of Black salvation, the Democrats, has chosen not to address the racist status now nationally recognized as being Racine’s most prominent and distinguishing […]

Opinion: Show Time in Suburbia!

The insidious and infectious nature of racism showed its despicable head at a recent basketball game between Racine Horlick and Franklin high schools. It seems that some of the kids of the white supremacist persuasion took it upon themselves to hurl racist insults at the black players from Racine. It has been my experience that […]