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OPINION: 2023 State Supreme Court race and issues of race

OPINION: Although the contest for Wisconsin’s Supreme Court is nearing its final stretch, It seems that the needs of the Black voting bloc have virtually been ignored by the two candidates, Judge Protasiewicz and Dan Kelly. Like Protasiewicz, I am also a firm believer that women’s health issues, including abortion, are extremely important; however, we […]

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OPINION: Honestly speaking – Thoughts for the independent Black Voter

OPINION – Well, here we go again. The Mid-term elections are a couple of months away and Wisconsin’s Black voters find themselves trapped, as usual, in the political madness of voting for the lesser of two evils that continue to play fraudulent games with our efforts of obtaining equality. Ironically, it seems that many of […]

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OPINION: Call To Action

OPINION – I am not a politician; however, I am politically astute enough to know the American political system uses covertly biased policies, along with cross-party fraudulent efforts, usually clothed in deceptiveness to deceive Black folks. The poverty-stricken Black underclass are deceived and exploited for their political capital in most elections, be it local or […]

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OPINION: No Way Out: The Black Community’s Issues with Guns

OPINION – While it is true that some white police officers kill Black people out of a sense of racial hatred, sometimes race isn’t the only motivating factor. Although there are some officers that view all citizens as individuals, deserving to being treated as such, others have been indoctrinated into a point of view that […]

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OPINION: Issues pertaining to the Wisconsin fall Senate race and Black voters

OPINION – The upcoming fall Wisconsin Senate race will be one of the most important in the state’s history, especially for the Black population of the Southeastern sectors of Racine and Kenosha. Although there are many Democratic candidates running, the seat is held by the highly conservative and eccentric Republican Ron Johnson. As a conservative, […]

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Letter to the Editor: Who’s Killing Who?

This year the murder of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis Minnesota, caused America and the world to concede to the reality of unjustifiable murder of unarmed Black people by the police, and the unrestricted totality of the injustices of systemic racism. Frankly speaking, these murders of Blacks by police are mostly based on racial […]

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Letter to the Editor: The complexities of reforming the City of Racine’s law enforcement agencies

Although I agree that some officers of the Racine Police Department undoubtedly need to undergo resocialization training as it pertains to their dealings with the city’s Black population, I think it is imperative that the training is facilitated by local specialists. Let me be clear from the start, this applies to officers of all races […]

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Opinion: Unaddressed Concerns

Questions are already being asked pertaining to the state of Wisconsin and Racine county’s plans to potentially build a juvenile correctional facility in our area. Of course, any mention of prison building agitates, as it should, many in the Black community. Also adding to those reservations is the fact that the first mention of the […]

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Opinion: Todd finds hope on the horizon with RUSD

After years of listening to snide allegations and racist innuendoes plus living under discriminatory threats to our school system, there seems to be hope on the horizon. By promoting the knowledgeable and compassionate former Deputy Superintendent of schools, Dr. Eric N. Gallian, to the position of leadership, Racine has made a giant step forward in […]

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