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Quick Spins: Robert Randolph, Chrissie Hynde and Valve Bone Woe

Robert Randolph & The Family Band Brighter Days (Mascot) www.robertrandolph.net As many musicians know, mastering the pedal steel guitar is no small feat. It is deceptively complicated, and is mastered by few. Robert Randolph is one of the few, getting the call whenever the likes of Eric Clapton need that certain something. New Jersey native […]

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Quick Spins: Rodney Crowell, Rick Ross & John Batiste

Rodney Crowell Texas (RC1) www.rodneycrowell.com 11.99 Rodney Crowell stopped caring what mainstream Nashville thought of his songs long ago, and it’s just as well. While his recent output can be a little hit-and-miss, nobody could ever accuse the music city veteran of being a cookie-cutter act. His voice is uniquely his own. Here, Crowell pens […]

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Quick Spins: Post Malone, ’70’s & 80’s Power Pop

Post Malone Hollywood’s Bleeding (Republic) www.postmalone.com As pop stars go, Post Malone could never be called boring. While his records do sound as slick as anything else falling under the category of “pop,” there are always interesting elements that are unexpected, like the dark electric guitar of the single “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” played against an R&B […]