Tips For Men Who Are Dating

I recently had a date where, in the first 20 minutes, started wishing I was at home, watching the Bachelorette-and watching another two people on a date. I met this man on an online app. He had a lot of nice qualifications and seemed interesting enough. And I had given up an opportunity to spend […]

Cuter than the toy Furby

Silky soft fur, fluffy ear tufts, and a sweet-but-shy personality makes Little Furby a dream cat. This three-year-old tuxedo cat loves finding great hiding spots, but once you start petting him, he will lay in your lap and snuggle for hours. If you are looking for a cat to be your loyal companion, stop by the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine […]

Gateway instructors, student advance to final round of Foxconn Smart Cities contest

PRESS RELEASE: A Gateway Technical College instructor and a Gateway student are among the 30 Round Two winners of Foxconn’s statewide Smart Cities-Smart Futures contest and advance to the third, and final, round of the competition. Gateway Horticulture instructor Kate Field advanced in the Food category while Gateway student Donald Heckel advanced in the Mobility […]

A Bittersweet Birth At The Racine Zoo

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE RACINE ZOO RACINE, WI, MARCH 11, 2019 – The Racine Zoo is pleased to announce the birth of another Emperor tamarin infant on January 23, 2019, affectionately named Bella after her birth mother. This announcement is bittersweet, however, because five days after giving birth, Bella’s mother Isabella passed away unexpectedly. After […]