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Henry Perez: City of Racine 2023 mayoral candidate

Racine County Eye asked candidates to fill out a questionnaire so that our readers could learn more about them. These are the answers from mayoral candidate Henry Perez. Henry Perez What position are you seeking?Mayor of the City of Racine How long have you lived in Racine?Lived in Racine since 2005 Age61 OccupationElected official Henry […]

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OPINION: Snapshots of Safety Halloween edition – 3 important safety guides

OPINION — It is that time of year again where we transition from summer to winter. This time is traditionally celebrated in many places of the world like in China with the “Tomb Sweeping Day” and in Mexico with “El Día De Los Muertos.” In the United States we celebrate “Halloween,” which many people are […]

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OPINION: Snapshots of Safety fall edition, part 2 – 7 cold weather home safety tips

OPINION — It is getting chilly and going to be getting even colder very soon. The Racine County Eye offers the following safety tips to start a conversation about safety in your home as we embark on another season of sub-zero temperatures and darkened mornings and evenings. The air has turned crisp and we are […]

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OPINION: A snapshot of school bus safety – 7 must-read rules

OPINION – Kids. They are all around us. It is back to school time and they are ready and (un)willing to return to school. This means there will be more traffic, school buses, confused and worried parents, and the need to be extra careful in and around not only school buses, but also around the […]

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OPINION: A snapshot in back-to-school safety – 10 guidelines to keep your little ones safe

Let’s talk back-to-school safety. In just a few short days, children will be returning to school. Parents will be sad, rejoicing, or a little of both. As a former school teacher and resource officer in the inner city, I have seen all kinds of things that – as a protector – give me a sense […]

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OPINION: A snapshot of personal safety – 7 tips to keep you safer

Personal safety is the topic of this installment in the Racine County Eye’s “Snapshots of Safety” series. Personal safety is very important in our society. It is not uncommon, no matter where you are, to be at risk with your personal safety. These are just some suggestions to consider as you travel in the community. […]

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