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Voter fraud: 8 checks the state of Wisconsin uses to deter and catch offenders

by The Badger Project, The Badger ProjectOctober 11, 2022 Voter fraud is very rare, but the state still takes it very seriously, officials say. Photo by Bill Shaw. By Howard Hardee and Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT Even though voter fraud is rare, in Wisconsin and nationally, many checks exist to prevent and catch it […]

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Record number of retirements in Wisconsin State Legislature this year

More than a quarter of incumbents not running for their seats in 2022, a rate not seen since World War II BY HOWARD HARDEE, The Badger Project Original publish date: June 14, 2022 Count on it: When Wisconsin’s political districts get redrawn, an unusual number of state lawmakers head for the door. This election cycle […]

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