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Evers signs bill requiring financial literacy in Wisconsin high schools

The governor signed a bill Wednesday that mandates high schools teach at least one semester of financial literacy to every student in the state. Starting with the class of 2028, the bill requires high school students earn at least one semester of personal financial literacy that includes financial mindset, education and employment, money management, saving […]

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Wisconsin sheriff’s deputy Butterbrodt has 2 DUIs on his record

“You know who I am.” That’s what Mitchell Butterbrodt, an off-duty state trooper at the time, said to the on-duty police officer who pulled him over in 2018, according to the arresting officer’s report. It was Butterbrodt’s second DUI offense since 2010, court documents show. Beaver Dam Officer Mike Kuehn wrote in his report that […]

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International college athletes can’t profit from NIL in the U.S. A bill in the Senate would change that.

After decades of watching athletic departments rake in millions on their labor without receiving any of it, college athletes can finally profit off their name, image and likeness. These NIL payments can be for any service, including autographs, live appearances, broadcast or social media advertisements. But one group of high-level college athletes still cannot cash […]

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4 officers fired, forced out from law enforcement back on the job in NW Wisconsin

The state DOJ tracks police who leave employment with law enforcement agencies under negative circumstances. The Badger Project found these officers analyzing that database. Wandering officers, problem police who get fired or forced out from one department, then go work at another, are a problem across the country. To help prevent these officers from bouncing […]

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Observations from the Wisconsin basketball 69-51 scrimmage: A.J. Storr is an offensive weapon of mass destruction

The undersized point guard Kamari McGee drove to the basketball, but appeared well-covered by two opposing players tracking back on defense. But McGee flipped the ball into the air behind him, and new Badger A.J. Storr seemed to appear from nowhere. He rose through the air to grab the ball and flush it. The alley […]

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Wisconsin basketball family easily exceeds $100k donation goal, fund cancer treatments for former teammate

Walt McGrory, a 6’3” guard from the Minneapolis area, walked on to the Badgers and played for the basketball team from 2017-2021. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in economics, he intended to take his fifth Covid year at the University of South Dakota and play one last season of college basketball. Before he could, […]