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Bipartisan funding bill for smaller police departments splits Wisconsin congressional reps in unsual way

By Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT Proponents of bipartisanship and law enforcement got a big victory last week in the U.S. House of Representatives. A large bipartisan majority voted to approve a bill that will give $60 million over the next five years to law enforcement agencies with fewer than 125 officers to do things […]

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Over a year later, Republican appointees to tech school board still refuse to resign despite expired terms

September 20, 2022 With Wisconsin Supreme Court approval, coordinated norm-breaking across state boards allows GOP to hold control of some and possibly take control of others sooner than usual, experts say By Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT Three members of the 13-seat Wisconsin Technical College System board continue to serve in those positions despite their […]

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Total number of police in Wisconsin, already at historic lows, continues to drop

by The Badger Project, The Badger ProjectAugust 29, 2022 By Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT The number of law enforcement officers in the state ticked down again in 2022, setting a new record for the lowest statewide total since the Wisconsin Department of Justice started tracking the numbers in 2008. To relieve some of the […]

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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson votes to block bipartisan cap on insulin prices

by The Badger Project, The Badger ProjectAugust 8, 2022 By Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT As Senate Democrats were busy squeaking through a large bill on Sunday they say will reduce inflation, fight climate change and reduce drug prices, among other things, Sen. Ron Johnson joined 42 other Republican senators to block an amendment to […]

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Top GOP leaders have no Democratic opposition in 2022, but plenty from their own party, and an ex-president

By Peter Cameron, THE BADGER PROJECT August 2, 2022 Democrats are not running candidates this year against the two most powerful Republicans in the state. But each (GOP) politician — Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMaheiu — is facing challenges from within their own party. It’s a result of the current […]

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REDISTRICTING RECAP: More Republican gerrymandering for now. But hope remains for pro-democracy proponents, Democrats

by The Badger Project, The Badger ProjectApril 29, 2022 While Wisconsin Supreme Court gave Republicans major wins, the 2023 election could reverse them. On the left, the congressional districts from the 2010s, and on the right, the new districts for the next decade. In the recent round of redistricting, Wisconsin’s congressional districts changed only slightly […]

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After receiving tens of millions from federal government for internet upgrades, big telecom companies ask state for millions more

by Peter Cameron, The Badger ProjectApril 4, 2022 Local companies and co-ops have done more for rural Wisconsin, experts say A map from the Wisconsin PSC documenting all the requests for broadband expansion grants in the current round. BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project Big telecommunications companies including Frontier and AT&T are asking the state […]

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Better ways to do elections are out there, critics say. Other countries use them. Why not here?

March 21, 2022 BY PETER CAMERON, The Badger Project Elections are supposed to be the mechanism voters use to choose their political representatives. But increasingly, it’s the elected leaders who choose the voters. Changes could be made to prevent this. Gerrymandering — the manipulation of political district boundaries by the political party that controls state […]


As semester ends in Wisconsin, COVID-19 fears shrink — while concerns of academic slide grow

By Peter Cameron For Wisconsin Watch One family reported driving to the community library parking lot, sitting there for hours each day so their children could use the wifi to do homework in the car. Another student reported having to do the same thing in the parking lot of the local McDonald’s. “I’m gaining weight,” […]

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TWO MILLION DOLLAR CHECKS: This Year, Out-of-State Liberals Dominated Donations to Wisconsin Political Parties

The ex-wife of a Silicon Valley super-investor. The governor of Illinois. George Soros. Out-of-state millionaires and billionaires are pouring money into the two major Wisconsin political parties in 2020. Huge donations from outside the state are becoming the norm in Wisconsin, where legal changes have allowed for ever-increasing political donations in recent years. Following the […]