Did you go outside the blood moon lunar eclipse show Sunday night? We attempted to capture this supermoon event, but we’re sure you did a better job.

The eclipse gets underway.

So what is this blood moon lunar eclipse, and why is it so cool? According to space.com, a lunar eclipse can only happen when there’s a full moon and means that the sun, earth and moon line up perfectly so the entire surface of the moon is obscured.

A total lunar eclipse is a fairly rare event, the website continues, but can produce a blood moon because light from the sun passes through the earth’s atmosphere and gets bent toward the moon. How red the moon gets depends on how much stuff is floating around the atmosphere, like those dust particles you might see when the sun streams through windows.

The full on blood moon lunar eclipse.

This is the fourth straight lunar eclipse; the last one was in April, and there were two last year. The earthsky.org website features maps that show Racine County residents would have a great view of the total eclipse and full blood moon experience.