Here is a quick written summary of the happenings of the Mount Pleasant Village Board Meeting 6:30 PM on Monday, May 23rd, 2016.  There is much to share.

To view the agenda, click HERE.

To listen to the recording, merely click on the play button.  (triangle)  You may move the point of where you are listening by merely clicking your mouse in the timeline.


Public Comment:

Anna Marie Clausen spoke for closed sessions.
Kelly Gallaher spoke against closed sessions to provide more transparency of how Mt. Pleasant comes to their decisions.
Robin Vos provided a State of Wisconsin review for the Board.


New Business:

Item a: The board decided to borrow not to exceed $4,190,000 for the paving of roads.

Item b: The board decided to borrow an additional, not to exceed, $5,010,000 for restructuring of debt for Tax Incremental District #1.


NOTE:  Item n: was moved up because attorneys were present.


Item n: A discussion occurred whether or not to go into closed session regarding “an update on the County V Sanitary Sewer and Water Main Extensions project” (see agenda for full description.) The Board voted NOT to go into closed session.

John Hewett asked the village attorney whether a board member who lives on Hwy V may vote on matters related to Hwy V. The attorney both stated it is up to the board member to make a determination whether or not there is a conflict of interest.

Outcome of Item n:  Change orders were approved.

Item c: regarding the Campus Park Master Plan was laid over to the next meeting.

Item d: Paving contracts for Braun Rd was approved.

Item e: The board awarded the contract for the Cynthia Lane Water Main Extension for approximately $131,000.

New Business Items f: to m: in the agenda were all approved except for Item g: which was laid over to the next meeting. See the agenda for more information on items f: to m:.



President: Discussed Lake Park situation regarding land erosion along the shore of Lake Michigan. People should avoid the area due to severe safety concerns. Multiple government agencies are coming together to help with this problem. President Garski gave a passionate description and is seeking help from all levels of government. All agencies are working together. He is praying we don’t get a lot of rain which would increase the erosion.

Trustees: Trustee Hanson reports good comments from citizens on the new garbage cans. But also a few complaints as well. He introduced the Mt. Pleasant Community Guide.

Trustee Dave DeGroot indicated he was very concerned about the board not going into closed session during this meeting.

Sonny Havn agreed with Dave DeGroot about the lack of a closed session. Complimented the new Community Guide.

John Hewitt: spoke about fallen officers and being able to honor someone by a purchase of a brick.

Ken Otwaska read a letter from State Senator Bob Wirch concerning the erosion of Lake Michigan.

Gary Feest got a lot of calls about the garbage cans. He has been advised to send all phone calls to Administrator Kurt Wahlen. Trustee Feest also commented about the lack of closed session. He didn’t see anything that was needed for closed session.


Standing Committee Reports:

Sewer Commission from Gary Feest needs clarification about rules for sewer commission.

EMS oversight board from Ken Otwaska will continue.


Logan Martin: Spoke about the Community Guide and what it contains. Introduced Sam Schultz, the new 2nd planner staff member.

Adjournment at 9:06pm Recording 2 hours 37 minutes.

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