A 13-foot six-inch-tall box truck met its match by trying to go under an 11-foot five-inch high bridge Tuesday morning.

It was the second driver in a week that had misjudged the Union Pacific Railroad bridge in the 7600 block of Dunkelow Road. This prompted Sgt. Jim Gardiner, of the Caledonia Police Department, to post a reminder on the department’s Facebook page.

“The Union Pacific Railroad bridge has been there for longer than I can remember and it claimed its second truck roof in less than a week. The roadway is clearly posted and this driver’s pride and his driving record are all that were injured,” he wrote. “Pay attention out there.”

Drivers who crashed into the bridge received inattentive driving or failure to obey a traffic sign, Gardiner explained. But the real danger, however, is knocking the rails out of alignment.

“The tops of the trucks are not very sturdy and the take damage,” Gardiner explained. “Next time you go by the bridge you can see the scratches they make.”

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