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The boy scouts and their leaders injured over the weekend in an accident are asking for the community’s help replacing the equipment they lost in the crash.

The accident occurred last Saturday in Shawano County as Troop 225 was on their way home from summer camp. According to police reports cited by the Green Bay Press-Gazette, one SUV was pulling a trailer when the driver swerved and over-corrected, causing the second SUV to crash into the first. The first SUV and the trailer rolled, injuring both adults and five scouts.

Billie Mojonnier was one of three scout leaders taken to nearby hospitals for treatment. She said that while the accident is what made the news initially, people should know about the help Troop 225 received from the community where the crash happened as well as the scouting family.

“The real story though is how that community came together to help us,” she told Racine County Eye. “Troop 24 heard the call come across the radio and came to the scene, made sure the uninjured scouts got somewhere safe and sat with them until our leaders were released from the hospital.”

Additionally, a Kwik Trip station opened their doors to the boys and kept them fed for 10 hours until their families could pick them up. A firefighter and his wife, Brian and Kris Cairns, also came to the scouts’ aid.

“Brian stayed at the hospital with our kids and supported them while they where alone and scared,” Mojonnier added. “His wife, Kris, was at Kwik Trip in Bonduel talking with and comforting the scouts that were uninjured in the accident.”

An official statement from Boy Scouts of America was released Monday:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Scouts and families in Troop 225 chartered by Christ Church United Methodist. After a serious car accident while traveling home from summer camp on July 23rd, we are happy to report that all members from Troop 225 from the Lighthouse District in Racine are at home and doing well. All members of the troop were checked out at the scene and even though some had to be transported to the hospital for follow up, there were no injuries that kept them from returning home late Saturday night (July 23, 2016). Our Scouting family both in Three Harbors and a few good Scouts in Bay Lakes Council rallied around everyone involved. The leaders and members of Troop 225 wish to express their gratitude for the out-pour of support they have received.

Grief counselors were scheduled Monday to visit the boys at their homebase at Christ Church United Methodist, 5109 Washington Avenue, to help the scouts work through their feelings about the accident and seeing their fellow scouts and leaders injured.

Troop 24 and other volunteers helped clean up the mess made by the accident, but a quick inventory made it clear that all the equipment was destroyed.

“All of our gear was destroyed in accident. We’ve had many troops asking if they can help with replacement equipment, or help in anyway they can,” Mojonnier said. “Scouting is a family and this really shows me how lucky we are to belong to this organization.”

If anyone would like to help Troop 225 replace their lost gear, send donations to Troop 225 c/o United Methodist Christ Church, 5109 Washington Avenue, Racine, WI 53406. Secure credit card donations can also be processed using Square Up by contacting