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A group of citizens angry with Gov. Scott Walker’s rejection of a Hard Rock Casino in Kenosha is trying to harness the power and reach of social media to put a financial hurt on the Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee.

The “Boycott Potawatomi Hotel and Casino” page on Facebook went live last month.

“The Menominee have been more than generous to the Potawatomi in their efforts to be able to build the Kenosha Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. The Potawatomi have made no offers in return to the Menominee to compensate them for walking away from their efforts to build the Kenosha Hard Rock and bring jobs and revenue to the area. I recommend a complete boycott of the Potawatomi Casino and Hotel,” the page’s first post reads.

On Friday, the same day as Walker’s announcement, organizers asked for 500 likes. By Wednesday afternoon the page had nearly 2,000 likes.

“Kenosha deserves more than just warehouse jobs. This would have created diversity in the job market and the chance a Casino would close down is a lot less likely than a remote warehouse,” reads a post that went up after the announcement.

A petition at was launched Wednesday afternoon with a goal of 1,000 signatures. An hour later, 710 people signed their names.

The reason for the petition reads:

When Governor Walker announced his decision on Jan. 23 to reject the Menominee’s proposed casino in Kenosha, he acted without considering the big picture — 10,600 jobs, $810 million private investment in Wisconsin, new revenue-sharing payments totaling $1 Billion, a $250 million bond that protects Wisconsin taxpayers, and an opportunity to help the Menominee, Wisconsin’s original residents, pull themselves out of poverty.

Good governance and effective leadership demands that public officials consider the common good, and not bow to threats, intimidation & bullying.

Lawmakers from around the state and both sides of the aisle sent a strongly worded letter to Walker urging him to reconsider his decision, telling the governor bluntly that residents in Southeast Wisconsin are more than angry.

In their letter, legislators pick apart Walker’s argument that a Kenosha casino could put state taxpayers on the hook for lost revenue at the Potawatomi casino in Milwaukee, and they urged the governor to reconsider.