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The family of a Racine boy is struggling to get their son’s wheelchair repaired after it was damaged during an attempted theft.

Photo credit: CBS 58 News/Facebook

Little Adolfo Espejo has cerebral palsy and needs his wheelchair to get around. Because it’s heavy, and his mother, Mary, can’t lift it up to carry it in the house, she chains it outside until her husband gets home, a story from CBS 58 News reads. Whomever tried to steal it from outside the family’s house couldn’t get it free, and it broke.

“How is someone supposed to see a wheelchair and think I can make money off of this but you’re hurting some little kid who can’t even move,” Mary told the news station.

The suspect is described as an older man driving a white van.

Adolfo now spends time on the couch while Mary says the family tries to come up with the money to get the chair fixed because insurance does not cover damage from theft.