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Skatetown roller rink is closed, but whether the building is closed permanently or for just a period of time remains to be seen.

Company owners changed the rink’s Facebook cover and profile photos to a simple image of the word “closed” in red. Visits to the Skatetown website also indicate the rink is closed for good.

Messages into Skatetown have not yet been returned.

Katrinea Thornton’s daughter, Yasmine Anguiano, 16, worked at Skatetown for about a year. Thornton said she worked Sunday and didn’t notice anything was amiss, but her friend was told Monday that Skatetown was closed.

“My daughter worked yesterday and had no idea,” she told Racine County Eye. “Her friend from work was informed today without an explanation.”

Reaction on the Skatetown Facebook page was swift and mixed.

“Skating is a great thing and I hope someone will fund and reopen the business and properly market skating to all ages!” Christine Welch wrote.

Lori Jameson believes Skatetown closed because business had decreased over the last several months.

“I think they closed probably because they weren’t getting enough business or at least that’s what I think,” she posted.

Still others said Skatetown management made a fatal error when they stopped allowing skaters over the age of 12.

“No one over 12 can skate; that’s like saying no skating in the skatepark,” Jacob Francis noted.

There was also a conversation about the building having been for sale for up to $2 million but was now being offered for $465,000. Whether or not anyone has an offer to purchase is not clear.

We will update this story when we get more details.