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We danced and I stared at him with certainty in the middle of the street. I knew with confidence that I’d met my best friend, the love of my life and that there was no one I’d rather be with. Our story started before we even met and it leads me to believe that our love was fate. From our very first date, he danced away with my heart.

It was a snowy December night when Brian and I went on our first date, but our story started long before that. Born and raised in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, Brian moved up-north to continue his baseball career at Carthage College. Lucky me, as a Wisconsin native, our paths became crossroads. The soon to be Graphic Design graduate caught my attention in the fall of 2017 as I watched Brian pitch in a baseball game against my brother, who attended and played baseball for UW-Parkside.

When Brian asked me out to dinner, I had to deny going, but not because I wasn’t totally intrigued with him, but because I was facing a battle that I thought was incomprehensible to any college guy. Brian proved me wrong. Most people question why our first date wasn’t the typical dinner date, rather we attempted to see the Christmas lights at Jellystone Campground because of my unique health condition requiring me to have a feeding tube and of course because of our shared love for the Christmas season. I mention my condition because it was physically apparent that I was ill, and it would be the true test of “in sickness and in health” for our relationship going forward.

Upon arrival, we noticed that the event was closed and surely, I had been lost in love and time got away from us. Our date turned into traveling around town and dancing. Even though it was a dark night, I vividly remember Brian asking me what love meant to me and it lead me to driving down the street where my Grandparents lived and essentially built their love from the ground up. As we were driving, Brian asked me to pull the car over and to get out of the car. Puzzled with him asking me to step out of the car, I did it anyway. As he and I stepped out of the car, he turned the radio dial up as loud as it could go. Brian walked me to the middle of the street and danced with me. That moment is the moment that I knew that we wrote our destiny in the snowy streets.

It’s been over two years since we shared that first dance and since then, we’ve faced tremendously good times, some frightening moments where my health brought worries, but I knew it was love because of the actions Brian has shown me through every phase of life. I know it’s love because of what he does for me, how he cares so passionately for me, how he’s his purest form for me and how his heart is vulnerable for me. Brian taught me that love is a verb, and his unwavering loyalty to me continually shows me that what we have for each other is true love.

He’s my true companion. Just like our song, I don’t want to miss a thing, every lyric reminds me of you. I know it’s love because “I don’t want to miss a thing. And thank God we’re together, And I just want to stay with you in this moment forever.” He continues to dance away with my heart and there is no one else I’d rather share all of life’s moments with.

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