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The Complete Experience, 3801 Blue River Ave., Racine, is the newest wellness facility to hit Racine County. The Complete Experience, a wellness center, serves customers by offering a mind, body, and soul experience through their products and services. While the business itself is new to Racine, the owner, Brooke Hesse, is a friendly and familiar face around town. You may recognize her from The Cutting Edge, where she might have even cut your hair.

Being a stylist helped Hesse make connections and led her to find her business partner. Over a decade ago, Hesse met Kate Nor. At the time, she was a client of Hesse. From that point forward, Nor believed in Hesse’s vision to build a wellness center in Racine. Nor loved the idea and asked if she could contribute to The Complete Experience as a business partner/owner.

Hesse says,” I told her what I was going to do and she asked to be a part of it.” Nor’s support has helped make The Complete Experience a possibility. Now what it is today reflects her vital role within the business.

Two Businesses, One Goal

Mother-daughter duo, Kathleen Nelsen-Hesse, and her daughter, Brooke, co-own The Cutting Edge Salon. This storefront is not located at the same address but coincides with The Complete Experience’s vision. Think of The Cutting Edge as a sister store to The Complete Experience. These businesses work to provide “inspiration for everyone’s own wellness journey,” says Hesse.

For 22 years, Nelsen-Hesse has been serving the Racine County area as a stylist. Hesse followed in her mother’s footsteps, joining her in the hair industry. Throughout their salon, they aim to treat customers like family. In addition, they work to provide a welcoming place to achieve overall wellness.

As a stylist, Hesse has gained a lot of insight from the many clients she has served over the years. She saw a need for overall wellness within her circle of influence and knew that need extended far beyond her little circle. This inspired Hesse, who jumped into action to start her expansion into the wellness industry in 2021. In January of 2022, The Complete Experience officially opened.

Coming Together

Hesse gives credit to her mom for being her guidance. The Complete Experience was Hesse’s vision. However, she knows that the support of her loved ones and the Racine community is what has made this dream turn into a reality. Hesse gained the support of 26 investors who donated a total of $16,200. This entrepreneur had a goal to originally raise $15,000 for start-up costs for the new location and to help make updates to the existing hair salon. The financial support was collectively raised through Honeycomb Credit, an online crowdfunding format.

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Hesse’s boyfriend, Tim Eaton, was instrumental in helping transform the business from a building to a wellness center. He is the owner of T&T Improvements, a general contractor serving the greater Racine area. Hesse was ecstatic to have his help in transforming the venue while supporting another local business in the process.

The building on Blue River Avenue was just an empty building; now it’s been transformed into a space for healing and wellness. Hesse says, “nothing like this exists,” and she’s calling on local entrepreneurs and residents to join her in creating a collective movement.

What’s offered

“We offer a dualistic approach to wellness by providing products and services to bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment,” says Hesse. The Complete Experience offers myriad ways to achieve wellness. Services range from yoga classes to instructed meditation courses.

“Movement is a good way to heal ourselves,” Hesse notes. If you want to move in a new direction, check out the many different ways that you can evolve. Events and activities are continually changing. The Complete Experience is currently hosting:

  • Collective Meditation
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Men’s Meditation
  • Intro To Aerial Hammock Workshops
  • Aerial Hammock Series
  • Kid’s Aerial Hammock Workshops
  • Tai Chi
All photos courtesy of The Complete Experience

Not only can you attend these workshops, but business owners, practitioners, instructors, artists, and like-minded driven people are encouraged to book the space to host a service. Hesse is looking to bring a dietician into the space. She believes that “energy and food have a connection,” and adding this service will be beneficial to Racine residents.

Hesse’s twin sister is a registered dietician; she looks forward to bringing her services to The Complete Experience. This certainly will add to both the friendly atmosphere as well as the strong family values represented throughout the wellness center.

Get Connected

Do you offer a service like acupuncture? Are you an independent stylist looking for a place to practice? There are 7 treatment rooms and 4 stylist chairs available for rent. The studio is 550 square feet. Contact Hesse by emailing if you are interested in bringing your service or product to The Complete Experience.

She comments, “I want people to heal themselves” and with that she notes, “I want to be there for people who want to be there.” That includes both consumers and those distributing services.

If you are interested in attending a workshop or class, book ahead by visiting The Cutting Edge’s website and clicking “The Complete Experience” in the upper right-hand corner.

People are welcome to come to one class or come for a series. Hesse was particular about making The Complete Experience an affordable experience. Drop-in rates are as low as $15 per class. Courses that extend over a month range from $40 to $60.

Experiencing Wellness

Hesse talks about wellness being a full-body experience. There is a connection factor that is needed to help heal anxiety and encourage others to be the best versions of themselves.

The Complete Experience can help people through their trials with emotional addictions. It can help people stray away from unwanted behaviors or feelings. This inclusive space can help people navigate the waters they are swimming through. Hesse shared that she has undergone her own trials and challenges in life. Many of the practices offered through The Complete Experience are what changed her for the better.

She knows that with the community behind her, people who want to achieve wellness will find their path within The Complete Experience. She says, “every class is what you put into it.” Likewise, Hesse and others will be there along the way as a supportive network to help facilitate these transformations.

For more information and to stay up to date with The Complete Experience, follow their Facebook page. Check out daily posts and inspirational content on their Instagram page too.

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