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If you’ve attended any local events around Racine, chances are you’ve run into Kristina Watanabe. She’s a Racine enthusiast as well as a local business owner. Wings of Fire Consulting is her own take on providing the local area with wellness and healing. Kristina is known as the “fiery founder,” but is also a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

From her own trials, she has found a niche for helping others. What started as a mobile wellness business has transformed into what is now known as The Phoenix, 524 Main Street Unit 209. This “brick and mortar” wellness center additionally operates as a co-working space for a handful of wellness practitioners.

The Phoenix

Mural of a Phoenix by Dee Hutch

There is now a physical space called “The Phoenix” where collaborations and healing will be happening. This space is the result of Watanabe’s transformation and growth. After the ending of her marriage, battling autoimmune diseases, and leaving her steady income job, she sought out starting something that was bigger than herself.

Watanabe says, “And so when I got to the point of the Phoenix, I really felt like that’s what this space is. It’s a space where wherever you are, whether it’s at the bottom or it’s just, you know, you’re stuck for whatever reason. This space can transform you and allow you to break free.”

The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and growth. The strong imagery came from the idea that when everything was burning to the ground for Watanabe, it was the perfect time to rise from the situation. What is now a collaborative building and wellness center arose from her struggles. Through her company, she has desires to create a safe space that can help improve lives.

What’s offered?

Watanabe and other wellness practitioners offer an assortment of different wellness opportunities. You can explore sessions in wellness coaching, goal setting, resilience training, massage therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, workshops, and more. Check out additional services available here.

As a health and wellness coach, Watanabe is also certified in CPR training. Each month, a set of dates are available for people to become CPR certified. Complete registration through the website here. Click here to see the class schedule.

Wings of Fire Consulting isn’t just a one man show. Watanabe is actively partnering with others in the industry and is always looking to add other empowering professionals onto her team.

Healing Together

As a community, Racine has been through a lot. Watanabe is not originally from the Racine county area, but she’s grown to understand the dynamics of this town. She says, “We’re all alike. We are in a bubble here in Wisconsin. We all have developed habits, patterns, and have our comfort zones. It’s not always easy to move out of.”

Practitioner room.

Some people are stuck in poverty, facing challenging diagnoses, or struggling with their own traumas, but all could use a helping hand from time to time. Watanabe feels proud to be a part of people’s change and direction towards healing. It’s a journey that looks different for everyone.

Watanabe says, “Our body holds on to so much. You know? Stresses, traumas, things like that. It really takes a toll and Racine, specifically, has had quite a lot of anger and hurt in its history. And, it’s even in its current story.” Watanabe is grabbing the pen and writing the next chapters. She’s hoping to rewrite the story to one full of healing and hope.

Relationship Building

The foundation of Wings of Fire Consulting is relationships. As a transparent business owner, Watanabe is eager to connect with others. Her belief is that wellness is a choice that is made easier when you have support.

Wings of Fire Consulting is spreading its wings and flying into new opportunities. This includes supporting a new initiative in Racine with another business. Watanabe is supporting “Queer Book Club” which is run by Shelley Hickman from State Farm Insurance. As the facilitator, Hickman is providing a safe space to grow and promoting positive change in the community.

That’s the goal of Wings of Fire Consulting too. By sponsoring this group, she’s engaged in the development and discussions the group has. This is just one way that Watanabe’s passion for people is ignited.

“It’s very likely when you own a business, if you’re a solo entrepreneur, that it can be very isolating. You can get stuck in your head and can really struggle. But when we realize that we have to work as a community, we can lift each other up,” says Watanabe.

Email for details about the group.

Take Flight

Watanabe invites those looking to take the jump towards living well to the Wings of Fire Consulting open house. Rest assured, there are countless safety measures in place to make this a physically safe space. Read about the COVID-19 precautions here.

For details about the event and to reserve your spot, sign up on Eventbrite here. Reach out to Kristina Watanabe at Like Wings of Fire Consulting on Facebook here.

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