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TriciaHanson-13 cropTricia Hanson

Address: 6801 Lorraine Circle, Wind Lake, WI  53185

Age:  44

What made you seek this office?

I chose to seek this office because I have worked as a trial lawyer for the last 20 years.  In that time, I have worked with thousands of people, tried dozens of cases, and traveled back and forth across the county.  I believe that I know what people want, need and expect from the Judiciary.  Racine is a diverse county with both rural and urban problems, but it is its diversity that makes it great. I understand the differences.

Civic Involvement

  • Racine County Bar Association – Member and served on the Board of Governors
  • Countryside Humane Society Board
  • Taylor Home Board
  • Neighborhood Watch Board
  • Leadership Racine – 2000 Graduate
  • Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin Advisory Board
  • 4H Parent
  • USA Swimming Official
  • Town of Norway Planning Commission
  • Wisconsin Equal Access to Justice Commission
  • Supreme Court Ethics Committee for District 15

What makes you qualified?

I am the most qualified because I am truly a trial lawyer.  I have spent more time on the courtroom than most lawyers will spend in a career.  I have tried cases regarding arsons, child abuse, domestic abuse, burglaries, robberies, mayhem and homicides.  These cases are not one day simple trials, they involve complex motion work and litigation. I have examined hundreds of witnesses and been responsible for the examination of all different types of experts and Cross Examination of doctors, engineers, scientists, psychologists.  I not only understand but use the rules of evidence every day in the courtroom and have a firm grasp of admissibility of all varieties of evidence.  I have written briefs and appeals, defended lawyers when their performance is challenged.

We have 10 courts in Racine County, 6 of them are criminal.  I handle the cases that mean the difference between one’s life and liberty, I am confident that my skills have prepared me to handle any probate, family or civil case.  In addition, I spent 5 years prosecuting CHIPS and TPR cases, protecting children who could not protect themselves.  CHIPS and TPR cases are all CIVIL cases.

Unlike lawyers in private practice, criminal lawyers and prosecutors in particular, deal with high volumes of cases.  My office handles 10,000 cases per year, divided by 18 lawyers.  I am prepared and have the stamina to handle the number of cases in the busiest courts.

If you ask the talented criminal lawyers in this community, I think you will find that I have a reputation for FAIRNESS.  There are certain cases where my obligation is to the community and its protection. Some cases demand punishment, however, that is the minority of cases.  Most cases require a blend of punishment and rehabilitation, and I try to make both a priority.

David Paulson

Address: 3515 Leo Lane, Racine, WI 53406

Age:  67

Current position: Municipal Court Judge in Village of Caledonia since 1981

What made you seek this office? My legal career includes 33 years as a judge in Caledonia, over 40 years as a private practice trial attorney and 10 years as a mediator. I determined this would be an opportunity to continue public service to Racine County.

Civic Involvement: I am an active participant in local running events, including the Lighthouse Run, The Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis and numerous local charitable runs. My years as an elected official in the Village of Caledonia have kept me involved in local government. I also participate in Racine County Bar Association events and have volunteered for Wills For Heroes.

What makes you qualified? I have 33 years as Caledonia Judge, 40 years in private legal practice and 10 years as a chosen mediator. I have judicial experience. I have legal experience in diverse areas of the law, practicing in numerous courts throughout the state. I have reconciliation skills acknowledged by other lawyers, both in Wisconsin and in other states. I am independent of any political party or partisan endorsements

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