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Randy Bryce talks with potential constituents in the 21st Senate District at a Democratic signing event Thursday. Organized to assist candidates in gathering the number of signatures needed for nomination papers, the event featured most local candidates and a few for statewide office as well.
Andy Mitchell and his wife talk to potential constituents Thursday at a Democratic signing event. Mitchell hopes to gather the number of signatures required to challenge Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in the November 2014 election to represent the 63rd Assembly District.
John Lehman (2nd from right) talks with Racine County residents. Lehman was one of a handful of candidates running for statewide office present at a Democratic signing event Thursday. Jon Richards (Attorney General) and David Sartori (State Treasurer) also attended, but residents also had the opportunity to sign nomination papers for Mary Burke (Governor); Doug LaFollette (Secretary of State); Susan Happ (Attorney General); and Ismael Ozanne (Attorney General); Dave Leeper (State Treasurer) and Rob Zerban (1st Congressional District).