Alita: Battle Angel Soars

From writer/producer James Cameron comes a spectacular sci-fi movie that’s based on a Manga series, called Battle Angel Alita. Manga for those who don’t know are Japanese comics or graphic novels. These are somewhat different from what you might find in the pantheon of American comics from producers like Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, or IDW. What […]

Serenity is not the enemy

By definition, serenity is the wrong title for this film. But, as it happens, serenity does not describe the events that take place in this movie. It’s the name of a boat belonging to Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey). This movie is a compound constituted of many elements. It has the unrelenting determination of Hemingway’s Old […]

BumbleBee Buzz is Overrated but Ok

Transformers first-generation fans rejoice! The latest installment of the Transformers franchise has arrived with some amount of originality. Unlike the other films in the series, this film does not focus on how flashy the Transformers can look or the variety of bots that appear. Instead, it focuses more on the relationship between BumbleBee and an […]

Movies to watch this December

Here are some front-runner movies to look out for in December. Mary Queen of Scots A historical drama, Mary Queen of Scots illustrates the conflict between cousins Mary Stuart and Elizabeth I. Mary wishes to claim the English throne, and therefore threatens Elizabeth’s sovereignty. The film will be released on December 7. Spider-Man: Into the […]

Creed II Delivers a Knockout

Steeped in legend, the Rocky franchise produces another sequel in Creed II. This film is derived from the events that took place in Rocky IV (1985), where heavyweight hard-hitter Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) fought and killed Adonis Creed’s father. At the outset of this movie, we are reintroduced to Ivan Drago as well as his […]